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Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd was established in order to provide clients with high quality bespoke water hygiene and water treatment within the restrictive budgets imposed by the recent economic climate. Our core belief of good service at a competitive price is fundamental to our strength as a business and reflects in the repeat business we obtain. By keeping our costs low through tight budget control and sensible purchasing we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients. However, our policy of employing highly qualified and experienced service engineers means we are able to offer a highly technical and fully bespoke service to exactly suit your sites requirements.

WHS have a specialist team to deal with Legionella and water hygiene, including a PhD qualified microbiologist. We can carry out Legionella risk assessments, provide Legionella control and monitoring packages and specific Legionella targetted water treatment. We are also able to provide consultation and advice on overall water hygiene and can provide bespoke chlorine dioxide dosing equipment and maintenance packages to manage water hygiene in larger systems.

Our cooling tower management division employs water treatment engineers with specialist knowlege of cooling water treatment factors and the interelation of these factors to such things as efficiency and equipment life. Knowlege of water chemistry allows analysis of influences such as calcium balance on cooling tower efficiency and allows our engineers to manage the water treatment program to ensure both efficient use and long life of your plant. Our cooling tower cleaning team untilise the best possible equipment and chemical to ensure that cooling towers are cleaned effectively and safely.

Similar factors influence steam boilers but these systems are often far more sensitive to even small changes in incoming water chemistry and pre-treatment plant also requires management to ensure checmical treatments can be effective. Our engineers are trained not only to ensure correct chemical water treatment but have experience in all aspects of steam raising systems to enable them to make effeciency recommendations at all levels.

Our specialist cleaning and chlorination division can provide cleaning, chlorination and testing of all sizes and length of pipe work, tanks and process water systems. With specialist equipment we are able to chlorinate any type of pipe work from large new lay trunk mains many meters long to small 15mm copper refurbishments within buildings. We can clean and chlorinate water storage tanks from large concrete structures to small loft tanks. We can also offer a full water storage tank refurbishment solution utilising the latest technology in coating and repair compounds for a hygienic, long lasting repair.

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